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European Year 2009 logofavit: Efficient Distribution of Web Content

2 april 2009, Thursday, 7 p.m.
Sofia Art Gallery

Mr Konstantin Hristov
Favit Network

The Internet has literally exploded over the last 2-3 years. The sources of content are multiplying each day. In this constantly changing environment it is getting harder and harder for the online content consumers to find the content they really like, without wasting too much time and energy.

Favit's major purpose is to fill the gap that opened up between the huge variety of content being published online every day and the limited abilities of the Internet users to access and consume it.

See how favit accomplishes all of this and how the publishers of online content can distribute and stream it more effectively through favit, on 2nd April, 19:00 at Sofia Art Gallery. Free Entrance!

снимка на лектораKonstantin Hristov is the managing director of Favit Network and the co-ordinator of all regional managers for the countries where Favit operates, i.e. Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Russia and Turkey at present. Konstantin is in charge of developing and implementing of the successful bussines model of Favit and its global strategy. He graduated from the Plovdiv German language high school, studied management in Leipzig, and spesialised marketing in UNWE, Sofia.
His professional career started in 1997 in Chemsearch, followed by work for Citrigroup. Prior to starting Interactive Media and Favit Network, Konstantin held managerial positions in the biggest outsourcing company in Bulgaria – Wizcom (at present VM Ware Bulgaria), and Bluevizia, a division of Icygen.

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