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European Year 2009 logoCities-People-Maps-Internet

26 may 2009, Thuesday, from 4 pm to 5.30 pm
EU Information Centre

Mr Rossen Russinov
General Manager
Datecs GIS Center

In the past people used to form communities and live in cities. They still do this. Maps help people move about and find their way around modern cities. While people continue to inhibit phisically their cities, mentally they inhibit the virtual space of the Internet.

What are the cities of this virtual space? Do we need maps there? How do these two worlds complement each other and co-exist together?


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lectrurer's photoMr Rossen Russinov was born in 1964. He graduated Sofia University in Theoretical Physics. He then started as software developer – he was one of the first Windows programmers in Bulgaria. This was followed by projects in Graphical Interfaces and NET simulations.
Mr Russinov has been working in DATECS since 1992. He became the Head of Datecs GIS Division in 1993 (having 4 people at the time).
He is now the General Manager of DATECS GIS Center with more than 120 employees.

Presentation (PPT, 7.3MB, in Bulgarian)

workshop photo workshop photo

workshop photoworkshop photo

workshop photo workshop photo

workshop photoworkshop photo

workshop photoworkshop photo

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